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  49. Report of the General Inequalities 8 Conference; September 15--21, 2002, Noszvaj, Hungary Zsolt Pales,
  50. Convolution Inequalities and Applications Saburou Saitoh, Vu Kim Tuan, Masahiro Yamamoto,
  51. The Hardy-Landau-Littlewood Inequalities with Less Smoothness Constantin P. Niculescu, Constantin Buse,
  52. Continuity Properties of Convex-type Set-Valued Maps Kazimierz Nikodem,
  53. Carleman's Inequality - History, Proofs and Some New Generalizations Maria Johansson, Lars-Erik Persson, Anna Wedestig,
  54. Andersson's Inequality and Best Possible Inequalities A. M. Fink,
  55. On Some Results Involving the Cebysev Functional and its Generalisations Pietro Cerone,
  56. Separation and Disconjugacy Richard C. Brown,
  57. New Norm Type Inequalities for Linear Mappings Saburou Saitoh,
  58. An Integral Approximation in Three Variables Anthony Sofo,
  59. On Some Spectral Results Relating to the Relative Values of Means Charles E. M. Pearce,
  60. On Zeros of Reciprocal Polynomials of Odd Degree Piroska Lakatos, Laszlo Losonczi,
  61. Some New Hardy Type Inequalities and their Limiting Inequalities Anna Wedestig,
  62. Generalizations of the Triangle Inequality Saburou Saitoh,
  63. A Survey on Cauchy-Bunyakovsky-Schwarz Type Discrete Inequalities Sever S. Dragomir,

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