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  1. Some Integral Inequalities Involving Taylor's Remainder. II Hillel Gauchman,
  2. Note on the Carleman's Inequality for a Negative Power Number Thanh Long Nguyen, Vu Duy Linh Nguyen, Thi Thu Van Nguyen,
  3. Power-Monotone Sequences and Integrability of Trigonometric Series Jozsef Nemeth,
  4. Fixed Points and the Stability of Jensen's Functional Equation Liviu Cadariu, Viorel Radu,
  5. New Concepts of Well-Posedness for Optimization Problems with Variational Inequality Constraint Imma Del Prete, M. Beatrice Lignola, Jacqueline Morgan,
  6. Relatively $B$-Pseudomonotone Variational Inequalities Over Product of Sets Qamrul Hasan Ansari, Zubair Khan,
  7. On Multidimensional Ostrowski and Grüss Type Finite Difference Inequalities Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  8. Bounded Linear Operators in Probabilistic Normed Space Iqbal H. Jebril, Radhi Ibrahim M. Ali,
  9. Fundamental Inequalities on Firmly Stratified Sets and Some Applications Serge Nicaise, Oleg M. Penkin,
  10. Partitioned Cyclic Functional Equations Jae-Hyeong Bae, Won-Gil Park,
  11. Extensions of Popoviciu's Inequality Using a General Method A.McD. Mercer,
  12. The Analytic Domain in the Implicit Function Theorem H.C. Chang, W. He, N. Prabhu,
  13. Hadamard-type Inequalities for Quasiconvex Functions Nicolas Hadjisavvas,
  14. Iterative Schemes to Solve Nonconvex Variational Problems Messaoud Bounkhel, Lotfi Tadj, Abdelouahed Hamdi,
  15. A Bound on the Deviation Probability for Sums of Non-Negative Random Variables Andreas Maurer,
  16. Hilbert-Pachpatte Type Integral Inequalities and their Improvement Sever S. Dragomir, Young-Ho Kim,
  17. Coefficient Inequalities for Certain Classes of Meromorphically Starlike and Meromorphically Convex Functions Shigeyoshi Owa, Nicolae N. Pascu,
  18. Second-order Differential Proximal Methods for Equilibrium Problems Abdellatif Moudafi,
  19. Some Integral Inequalities Related to Hilbert's T. C. Peachey,
  20. Comments on Some Analytic Inequalities Ilko Brnetic, Josip E. Pecaric,
  21. On Entire and Meromorphic Functions that Share Small Functions with their Derivatives Kit-Wing Yu,
  22. Comparison of Green Functions for Generalized Schrödinger Operators on $C^{1,1}$-Domains Lotfi Riahi,
  23. Erdős-Turán Type Inequalities Laurentiu Panaitopol,
  24. Some Variants of Anderson's Inequality in $C_1$-Classes Mecheri Salah, Messaoud Bounkhel,

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