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  17. An Error Estimate for Finite Volume Methods for the Stokes Equations A. Alami-Idrissi, M. Atounti,
  18. On Some Retarded Integral Inequalities and Applications Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  19. Littlewood's Inequality for $p$-Bimeasures Nasser M. Towghi,
  20. Monotonicity Properties of the Relative Error of a Padé Approximation for Mills' Ratio Iosif Pinelis,
  21. Integral Inequalities of the Ostrowski Type Anthony Sofo,
  22. Multidimensional Extension of L.C. Young's Inequality Nasser M. Towghi,
  23. Inequalities for Lattice Constrained Planar Convex Sets Poh Wah Awyong-Hillock, Paul R. Scott,
  24. Some Results Concerning Best Uniform Coapproximation Geetha S. Rao, R. Saravanan,
  25. Strongly Elliptic Operators for a Plane Wave Diffraction Problem in Bessel Potential Spaces L.P. Castro,
  26. Some Integral Inequalities Involving Taylor's Remainder. I Hillel Gauchman,
  27. On Multidimensional Grüss Type Inequalities Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  28. Two Remarks on the Stability of Generalized Hemivariational Inequalities Mohamed Ait Mansour,
  29. Note on the Perturbed Trapezoid Inequality Xiao-liang Cheng, Jie Sun,
  30. On a Noncoercive System of Quasi-Variational Inequalities Related to Stochastic Control Problems Messaoud Boulbrachene, M. Haiour, B. Chentouf,
  31. An Inequality Improving the First Hermite-Hadamard Inequality for Convex Functions Defined on Linear Spaces and Applications for Semi-Inner Products Sever S. Dragomir,

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