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  1. Some inequalities for the dispersion of a random variable whose PDF is defined on a finite interval Neil S. Barnett, Pietro Cerone, Sever S. Dragomir, John Roumeliotis,
  2. Monotone Methods Applied to Some Higher Order Boundary Value Problems John M. Davis, Johnny Henderson,
  3. On Multiplicatively Perfect Numbers Jozsef Sandor,
  4. Some Aspects of Convex Functions and Their Applications Jamal Rooin,
  5. Further Reverse Results for Jensen's Discrete Inequality and Applications in Information Theory Ivan Budimir, Sever S. Dragomir, Josip E. Pecaric,
  6. Sharp Bounds on Quasiconvex Moments of Generalized Order Statistics Leslaw Gajek, A. Okolewski,
  7. Inequalities on Polynomial Heights Laurentiu Panaitopol, Doru Stefanescu,
  8. An Application of Van der Corput's Inequality Kanthi Perera,
  9. On an Inequality of Gronwall James Adedayo Oguntuase,
  10. Complete Systems of Inequalities Maria A. Hernandez Cifre, Guillermo Salinas, Salvador Segura Gomis,
  11. On Some Applications of the AG Inequality in Information Theory Bertram Mond, Josip E. Pecaric,
  12. On Ky Fan's Minimax Inequalities, Mixed Equilibrium Problems and Hemivariational Inequalities El Mostafa Kalmoun,
  13. An Algebraic Inequality Feng Qi,

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