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  61. Approximation by Modified Szász-Mirakyan Operators L. Rempulska, S. Graczyk,
  62. A Matrix Inequality for Möbius Functions Olivier Bordellčs, Benoit Cloitre,
  63. An Upper Bound for the Determinant of a Matrix with given Entry Sum and Square Sum Ortwin Gasper, Hugo Pfoertner, Markus Sigg,
  64. Sum of Squares of Degrees in a Graph Bernardo M. Ábrego, Silvia Fernández-Merchant, Michael G. Neubauer, William Watkins,
  65. Dragomir-Agarwal Type Inequalities for Several Families of Quadratures I. Franjic, Josip E. Pecaric,
  66. A Generalized Class of $k$-Starlike Functions with Varying Arguments of Coefficients J. Dziok, G. Murugusundaramoorthy, K. Vijaya,
  67. On the Cyclic Homogeneous Polynomial Inequalities of Degree Four Vasile Cirtoaje,
  68. An Unconstrained Optimization Technique for Nonsmooth Nonlinear Complementarity Problems M. Tawhid,
  69. Derivatives of Catalan Related Sums Anthony Sofo,
  70. Inequalities That Lead To Exponential Stability And Instability In Delay Difference Equations Youssef Raffoul,
  71. Coefficient Bounds for Meromorphic Starlike and Convex Functions See Keong Lee, V. Ravichandran, Supramaniam Shamani,
  72. Solution of One Conjecture on Inequalities with Power-Exponential Functions Ladislav Matejíčka,
  73. A Variant of a General Inequality of the Hardy-Knopp Type Dah-Chin Luor,
  74. On the Interpoint Distance Sum Inequality Yong Xia, Hong-Ying Liu,
  75. On some Covariance Inequalities for Monotonic and Non-monotonic Functions Martin Egozcue, Luis Fuentes Garcia, Wing-Keung Wong,
  76. Iteration Semigroups with Generalized Convex, Concave and Affine Elements Dorota Krassowska,
  77. Starlikeness Conditions for an Integral Operator Pravati Sahoo, Saumya Singh,
  78. On Certain Rough Integral Operators and Extrapolation Hussain Al-Qassem, Leslie Cheng, Yibiao Pan,
  79. A Geometric Inequality Involving a Mobile Point in the Place of the Triangle Xiao-Guang Chu, Yu-dong Wu,
  80. On Some Inequalities for the Skew Laplacian Energy of Digraphs C. Adiga, Z. Khoshbakht,
  81. Two New Mappings Associated with Inequalities of Hadamard-type for Convex Functions Lan He,
  82. The Refinement and Reverse of a Geometric Inequality Yu-Lin Wu,
  83. Certain Subclasses of $p$-Valently Close-to-convex Functions Oh Sang Kwon,
  84. A Generalized Residual Information Measure and its Properties M. A. K. Baig, Javid Gani Dar,
  85. Superstability for Generalized Module Left Derivations and Generalized Module Derivations on a Banach Module (II) Huai-Xin Cao, Ji-Rong Lv, John Michael Rassias,
  86. On Some New Fractional Integral Inequalities Soumia Belarbi, Zoubir Dahmani,
  87. A Study on Starlike and Convex Properties for Hypergeometric Functions A.O. Mostafa,
  88. Uniqueness of Entire or Meromorphic Functions Sharing One Value or a Function With Finite Weight Hong-Yan Xu, Ting-Bin Cao,
  89. Two Mappings Related to Minkowski's Inequalities Xiu-Fen Ma, Liang-Cheng Wang,
  90. On Open Problems of F. Qi Benharrat Belaidi, Abdallah El Farissi, Zinelaâbidine Latreuch,

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