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  31. A Surprising Result in Comparing Orthogonal and Nonorthogonal Linear Experiments Czeslaw Stepniak,
  32. Differential Analysis of Matrix Convex Functions II Frank Hansen, Jun Tomiyama,
  33. On a Weighted Interpolation of Functions with Circular Majorant Simon J. Smith,
  34. A Characterization of the Uniform Distribution on the Circle by Stam Inequality Paolo Gibilisco, Daniele Imparato, Tommaso Isola,
  35. Fourier Restriction Estimates to Mixed Homogeneous Surfaces E. Ferreyra, M. Urciuolo,
  36. Some Subordination Criteria Concerning the Salagean Operator Kazuo Kuroki, Shigeyoshi Owa,
  37. Certain Properties of Generalized Orlicz Spaces Pankaj Jain, Priti Upreti,
  38. Beurling-Hörmander Uncertainty Principle for the Spherical Mean Operator N. Msehli, L.T. Rachdi,
  39. A Bound for Certain Bibasic Sums and Applications Mingjin Wang, Hongshun Ruan,
  40. On a Certain Subclass of Starlike Functions with Negative Coefficients A.Y. Lashin,
  41. On Weighted Partial Orderings on the Set of Rectangular Complex Matrices Hanyu Li, Hu Yang, Hua Shao,
  42. On Heisenberg and Local Uncertainty Principles for the $q$-Dunkl Transform Ahmed Fitouhi, Ferjani Nouri, Sana Guesmi,
  43. Hadamard Product Of Certain Meromorphic $p-$Valent Starlike and $p-$Valent Convex Functions M. K. Aouf,
  44. A Note on Newton's Inequality Slavko Simic,
  45. A New Refinement of the Hermite-Hadamard Inequality for Convex Functions Gholamreza Zabandan,
  46. On the Cohen $p$-Nuclear Sublinear Operators Achour Dahmane, Mezrag Lahcčne, Saadi Khalil,
  47. On Certain Inequalities for Means in Two Variables Jozsef Sandor,
  48. A Note on Some New Refinements of Jensen's Inequality for Convex Functions Liang-Cheng Wang, Xiu-Fen Ma, Li-Hong Liu,
  49. A Discrete Version of an Open Problem and Several Answers Yu Miao, Feng Qi,
  50. Turán-Type Inequalities for Some $q$-Special Functions Kamel Brahim,
  51. Hadamard Product Versions of the Chebyshev and Kantorovich Inequalities Jagjit Singh Matharu, Jaspal Singh Aujla,
  52. Some Companions of an Ostrowski Type Inequality and Applications Zheng Liu,
  53. On Application of Differential Subordination for Certain Subclass of Meromorphically $p$-Valent Functions with Positive Coefficients Defined by Linear Operator Waggas Galib Atshan, S.R. Kulkarni,
  54. Chebyshev Inequalities and Self-Dual Cones Zdzislaw Otachel,
  55. Generalized Dunkl-Sobolev Spaces of Exponential Type and Applications Hatem Mejjaoli,
  56. On Quasi $ \beta$-Power Increasing Sequences Santosh Kr. Saxena,
  57. On a Certain Subclass of Analytic Functions Involving the Al-Oboudi Differential Operator S. M. Khairnar, Meena More,
  58. On Maximal Inequalities Arising in Best Approximation F. D. Mazzone, F. Zó,
  59. On the Existence of Solutions to a Class of $p$-Laplace Elliptic Equations Hui-Mei He, Jian-Qing Chen,
  60. On An Upper Bound For Jensen's Inequality Slavko Simic,

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