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  1. Martingale Inequalities in Exponential Orlicz Spaces Daniele Imparato,
  2. A Spanning Set for the Space of Super Cusp Forms Roland Knevel,
  3. Vaccination Strategies of Population Groups with Distinct Perceived Probabilities of Infection Monica-Gabriela Cojocaru, Chris T. Bauch,
  4. Clarkson-McCarthy Interpolated Inequalities in Finsler Norms Cristian Conde,
  5. A Trace Inequality for Positive Definite Matrices Elena-Veronica Belmega, Samson Lasaulce, Mérouane Debbah,
  6. A Dynamic Problem with Adhesion and Damage in Electro-Viscoelasticity with Long-Term Memory Selmani Mohamed,
  7. Approximation of $B$-Continuous and $B$-Differentiable Functions by GBS Operators Defined by Infinite Sum Ovidiu T. Pop,
  8. Differential Subordination Results for New Classes of the Family $ \mathcal{E}( \Phi, \Psi)$ Rabha W. Ibrahim, Maslina Darus,
  9. Positive solutions for Second-Order Boundary Value Problem with Integral Boundary Conditions at Resonance on a Half-Line Aijun Yang, Weigao Ge,
  10. A General Inequality of Ngô-Thang-Dat-Tuan Type Tamás F. Móri,
  11. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Joint Lower and Upper Estimates Laszlo Leindler,
  12. Some Inequalities for the $q$-Digamma Function Toufik Mansour, Armend Sh. Shabani,
  13. On Certain Subclasses of Meromorphically Multivalent Functions Associated with the Generalized Hypergeometric Function Jagannath Patel, Ashis Ku. Palit,
  14. Some Results Associated With Fractional Calculus Operators Involving Appell Hypergeometric Function R.K. Raina,
  15. An Inequality on Ternary Quadratic Forms in Triangles Nu-Chun Hu,
  16. An Equivalent Form of the Fundamental Triangle Inequality and its Applications Shan-He Wu, Mihály Bencze,
  17. The Alexander Transformation of a Subclass of Spirallike Functions of Type $ \beta$ Qinghua Xu, Sanya Lu,
  18. Approximation, Numerical Differentiation and Integration Based on Taylor Polynomial Gancho Tachev,
  19. Generalized $\lambda$-Newton Inequalities Revisited Jianhong Xu,
  20. Argument Estimates For Certain Analytic Functions Associated With The Convolution Structure S. P. Goyal, Pranay Goswami, Nak Eun Cho,
  21. On Some Inequalities With Power-Exponential Functions Vasile Cirtoaje,
  22. Certain Classes of Analytic Functions Involving Salagean Operator S. Sümer Eker, Shigeyoshi Owa,
  23. Integral Mean Estimates for Polynomials whose Zeros are within a Circle K. K. Dewan, Naresh Singh, Barchand Chanam, Abdullah Mir,
  24. Approximation of a Mixed Functional Equation in Quasi-Banach Spaces Abbas Najati, G. Zamani Eskandani,
  25. On a Decomposition of Hilbert's Inequality Bicheng Yang,
  26. Some New Hilbert-Pachpatte's Inequalities Wengui Yang,
  27. On a Subclass of Harmonic Univalent Functions K. K. Dixit, Saurabh Porwal,
  28. On a Problem for Isometric Mappings of $\mathbb{S}^n$ Posed by Th. M. Rassias Anup Biswas, Prosenjit Roy,
  29. The Best Constants for a Double Inequality in a Triangle Yu-dong Wu, Nu-Chun Hu, Wei-Ping Kuang,
  30. About a Class of Linear Positive Operators Obtained by Choosing the Nodes Ovidiu T. Pop, Mircea Farcas,

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