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  Volume 9, Issue 2, Article 50
A Certain Class of Analytic and Multivalent Functions Defined by Means of a Linear Operator

    Authors: Ding-Gong Yang, N-eng Xu, Shigeyoshi Owa,  
    Keywords: Analytic function; Multivalent function; Linear operator; Convex univalent function; Hadamard product (or convolution); Subordination; Integral operator.  
    Date Received: 13/06/07  
    Date Accepted: 01/11/07  
    Subject Codes:

Primary 30C45.

    Editors: Sever S. Dragomir,  

Making use of a linear operator, which is defined here by means of the Hadamard product (or convolution), we introduce a class $ Q_{p}(a,c;h)$ of analytic and multivalent functions in the open unit disk. An inclusion relation and a convolution property for the class $ Q_{p}(a,c;h)$ are presented. Some integral-preserving properties are also given.

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