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  Volume 7, Issue 5, Article 181
A Stability of the Generalized Sine Functional Equations, II

    Authors: Gwang Hui Kim,  
    Keywords: Stability, Superstability, Functional equation, Functional equality, Sine functional equation.  
    Date Received: 01/05/06  
    Date Accepted: 02/08/06  
    Subject Codes:

39B82, 39B62, 39B52.

    Editors: Kazimierz Nikodem,  

The aim of this paper is to study the stability problem of the generalized sine functional equations as follows:

$displaystyle  g(x)f(y)$ $displaystyle =fleft({frac{x+y }{2}}right)^2 -fleft({frac{x+sigma y }{2}}right)^2,$
$displaystyle f(x)g(y)$ $displaystyle =fleft({frac{x+y }{2}}right)^2 -fleft({frac{x+sigma y }{2}}right)^2,$
$displaystyle g(x)g(y)$ $displaystyle =fleft({frac{x+y }{2}}right)^2 -fleft({frac{x+ sigma y }{2}}right)^2.$

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