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  Volume 7, Issue 2, Article 66
Generalized Co-Complementarity Problems in $p$-Uniformly Smooth Banach Spaces

    Authors: Firdosh Khan, . Salahuddin,  
    Keywords: Generalized co-complementarity problems, Iterative algorithm, Sunny retraction, Sunny nonexpansive mapping, $p$-strongly accretive, $p$-relaxed accretive mapping, Lipschitzian mapping, Hausdorff metric, $p$-uniformly smooth Banach spaces.  
    Date Received: 14/10/05  
    Date Accepted: 30/12/05  
    Subject Codes:

49J40, 90C33, 47H10.

    Editors: Ram U. Verma,  

The objective of this paper is to study the iterative solutions of a class of generalized co-complementarity problems in p-uniformly smooth Banach spaces, with the devotion of sunny retraction mapping, p-strongly accretive, p-relaxed accretive and Lipschitzian (or more generally uniformly continuous) mappings. Our results are new and represents a significant improvement of previously known results. Some special cases are also discussed.

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