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  Volume 6, Issue 4, Article 122
Planar Harmonic Univalent and Related Mappings

    Authors: Om P. Ahuja,  
    Keywords: Planar harmonic mappings, Orientation preserving harmonic functions, Univalent functions, Conformal mappings, Geometric function theory, Harmonic Koebe mapping, Harmonic starlike functions, Harmonic convex functions, Multivalent harmonic functions, Meromorphic harmonic functions, Sakaguchi-type harmonic functions.  
    Date Received: 02/05/05  
    Date Accepted: 12/08/05  
    Subject Codes:

30C55, 30C45, 31A05, 58E20, 44A15, 30C20

    Editors: Nak Eun Cho,  

The theory of harmonic univalent mappings has become a very popular research topic in recent years. The aim of this expository article is to present a guided tour of the planar harmonic univalent and related mappings with emphasis on recent results and open problems and, in particular, to look at the harmonic analogues of the theory of analytic univalent functions in the unit disc.

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