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  Volume 6, Issue 4, Article 103
Some New Inequalities for Gamma and Polygamma Functions

    Authors: Necdet Batir,  
    Keywords: Digamma function, psi function, polygamma function, gamma function, inequalities, Euler's constant and completely monotonicity.  
    Date Received: 05/05/05  
    Date Accepted: 08/09/05  
    Subject Codes:

Primary: 33B15; Secondary: 26D07.

    Editors: Andrea Laforgia,  

In this paper we derive some new inequalities involving the gamma function $ Gamma $, polygamma functions $ psi = {Gamma }^{prime}/ Gamma $ and $ { psi }^{prime}$. We also obtained two new sequences converging to Euler-Mascheroni constant $ gamma$ very quickly.

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