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  Volume 5, Issue 3, Article 57
A Sufficient Condition for Starlikeness of Analytic Functions of Koebe Type

    Authors: Muhammet Kamali, Hari M. Srivastava,  
    Keywords: Differential inequalities, $n$-fold symmetric functions, analytic functions of Koebe type, starlike functions, strongly starlike functions, Jack's Lemma.  
    Date Received: 18/04/04  
    Date Accepted: 25/05/04  
    Subject Codes:

Primary 30C45; Secondary 30A10, 30C80.

    Editors: Themistocles M. Rassias,  

By making use of Jack's Lemma as well as several differential and other inequalities (and parametric constraints), the authors derive sufficient conditions for starlikeness of a certain class of n-fold symmetric analytic functions of Koebe type. Relevant connections of the results presented here with those given in earlier works are also indicated.

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