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  Volume 5, Issue 2, Article 40
Growth Of Solutions Of Certain Non-Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations With Entire Coefficients

    Authors: Benharrat Belaidi,  
    Keywords: Differential equations, Hyper-order, Hyper-exponent of convergence of distinct zeros, Wiman-Valiron theory.  
    Date Received: 31/12/2003  
    Date Accepted: 06/03/2004  
    Subject Codes:

34M10, 30D35.

    Editors: Hari M. Srivastava,  

In this paper, we investigate the growth of solutions of the differential equation $ f^{left( kright) }+A_{k-1}left( zright) f^{left( k-1right) }+cdots+A_{1}left( zright) f^{^{prime }}+A_{0}left( zright) f=F,$ where $ % A_{0}left( zright) ,dots,$ $ A_{k-1}left( zright) ,$ $ Fleft( zright) $ $ % hbox{$/hskip -11ptequiv$}$ 0 are entire functions, and we obtain general estimates of the hyper-exponent of convergence of distinct zeros and the hyper-order of solutions for the above equation.

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