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  Volume 5, Issue 2, Article 33
On the Symmetry of Square-Free Supported Arithmetical Functions in Short Intervals

    Authors: Giovanni Coppola,  
    Keywords: Symmetry, Square-free, short intervals.  
    Date Received: 17/03/2003  
    Date Accepted: 02/04/2004  
    Subject Codes:

11N37, 11N36

    Editors: Alberto Fiorenza,  

We study the links between additive and multiplicative arithmetical functions, say $ f$, and their square-free supported counterparts, i.e. $ % mu^2 f$ (here $ mu^2$ is the square-free numbers characteristic function), regarding the (upper bound) estimate of their symmetry around $ x$ in almost all short intervals $ [x-h,x+h]$.

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