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  Volume 4, Issue 2, Article 43
Coerciveness Inequality for Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Abstract Elliptic Differential Equations

    Authors: Aissa Aibeche,  
    Keywords: Ellipticity, Abstract Differential Equation, Coerciveness, Non Regular Elliptic Problems.  
    Date Received: 09/12/02  
    Date Accepted: 17/03/03  
    Subject Codes:

35J05, 35P20, 34L10, 47E05.

    Editors: M. Zuhair Nashed,  

In this paper we give conditions which assure the coercive solvability of an abstract differential equation of elliptic type with an operator in the boundary conditions, and the completeness of generalized eigen functions. We apply the abstract result to show that a non regular boundary value problem for a second order partial differential equation of an elliptic type in a cylindrical domain is coercive solvable.

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