On the Utility of the Telyakovskii's Class $S$  
  Authors: Laszlo Leindler,  
  Keywords: Cosine and Sine Series, Fourier Series, Fourier Coefficients, Inequalities, Integrability.  
  Date Received: 29/01/01  
  Date Accepted: 26/04/01  
  Subject Codes:


  Editors: Sever S. Dragomir,  

An illustration is given showing the advantage of the definition given by Telyakovski{u{i/}}kern.15em for the class introduced by Sidon. It is also verified that if a sequence $ {a_n}$ belongs to the recently defined subclass $ S_gamma $ of $ S$, $ gamma >0$, then the sequence$ {n^gamma a_n}$ belongs to the class $ S$, but the converse statement does not hold.;

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