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  Volume 2, Issue 1, Article 12
On Ky Fan's Minimax Inequalities, Mixed Equilibrium Problems and Hemivariational Inequalities

    Authors: El Mostafa Kalmoun,  
    Keywords: Ky Fan's minimax inequalities, KKM Theorem, saddle points, mixed variational and hemivariational inequalities, transfer semicontinuity, Hemivariational inequalities, T-pseudomonotonicity  
    Date Received: 12/07/00  
    Date Accepted: 14/01/01  
    Subject Codes:


    Editors: Alexander M. Rubinov (1940-2006),  

In this note, we present a generalization of the Ky Fan's minimax inequality theorem by means of a new version of the KKM lemma. Application is then given to establish existence of solutions for mixed equilibrium problems. Finally, we investigate the relationship between the latter problems and hemivariational inequalities.

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