On Certain Properties of Neighborhoods of Multivalent Functions Involving the Generalized Saitoh Operator  
  Authors: Hesam Mahzoon, S. Latha,  
  Keywords: Coefficient bounds, $(n, delta)$ - neighborhood and generalized Saitoh operator.  
  Date Received: 10/06/2009  
  Date Accepted: 03/11/2009  
  Subject Codes:


  Editors: Sever S. Dragomir,  

In this paper, we introduce the generalized Saitoh operator $L_{p}(a, c, eta)$ and using this operator, the new subclasses $mathcal{H}_{n,m}^{p, b}(a, c, eta),    mathcal{L}_{n,m}^{p, b}(a, c, eta ; mu), mathcal{H}_{n,m}^{p, b, lpha}(a, c, eta) $ and $mathcal{L}_{n,m}^{p, b,  alpha}(a, c, eta ; mu)    $ of the class of multivalent functions denoted by $mathcal{A}_p(n) $ are defined. Further for functions belonging to these classes, certain properties of neighborhoods are studied. ;

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