A Dynamic Problem with Adhesion and Damage in Electro-Viscoelasticity with Long-Term Memory  
  Authors: Selmani Mohamed,  
  Keywords: Dynamic process, electro-viscoelastic material with long-term memory, frictionless contact, normal compliance, adhesion, damage, existence and uniqueness, monotone operator, fixed point, weak solution.  
  Date Received: 24/10/07  
  Date Accepted: 24/02/09  
  Subject Codes:

74M15, 74F99, 74H20, 74H25

  Editors: Sever S. Dragomir,  

We consider a dynamic frictionless contact problem for an electro-viscoelastic body with long-term memory and damage. The contact is modelled with normal compliance. The adhesion of the contact surfaces is taken into account and modelled by a surface variable, the bonding field. We derive variational formulation for the model which is formulated as a system involving the displacement field, the electric potential field, the damage field and the adhesion field. We prove the existence of a unique weak solution to the problem. The proof is based on arguments of evolution equations with monotone operators, parabolic inequalities, differential equations and fixed point.;

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