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  Volume 9, Issue 3, Article 87
On an Inequality of Feng Qi

    Authors: Tamás F. Móri,  
    Keywords: Optimal inequality, Power sum, Subadditive, Superadditive, Power mean inequality  
    Date Received: 17/01/08  
    Date Accepted: 04/08/08  
    Subject Codes:


    Editors: Feng Qi,  

Recently Feng Qi has presented a sharp inequality between the sum of squares and the exponential of the sum of a nonnegative sequence. His result has been extended to more general power sums by Huan-Nan Shi, and, independently, by Yu Miao, Li-Min Liu, and Feng Qi. In this note we generalize those inequalitites by introducing weights and permitting more general functions. Inequalities in the opposite direction are also presented.

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