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  Volume 9, Issue 3, Article 70
Notes on Certain Subclass of $p$-Valently Bazilevič Functions

    Authors: Zhi-Gang Wang, Yue-Ping Jiang,  
    Keywords: Analytic functions, Multivalent functions, Bazilevi{c} functions, subordination between analytic functions, Briot-Bouquet differential subordination.  
    Date Received: 04/02/07  
    Date Accepted: 07/07/08  
    Subject Codes:

Primary 30C45.

    Editors: Anthony Sofo,  

In the present paper, we discuss a subclass $ mathcal{M}_p(lambda,mu,A,B)$ of $ p$-valently Bazilevic functions, which was introduced and investigated recently by Patel [5]. Such results as inclusion relationship, coefficient inequality and radius of convexity for this class are proved. The results presented here generalize and improve some earlier results. Several other new results are also obtained.

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