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Volume 3 (2008), No. 1

1. A partial $A_\infty$-structure on the cohomology of $C_n\times C_m$

Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson, 1-11

2. Cohomology of Categorical Self-Distributivity

J. Scott Carter, Alissa S. Crans, Mohamed Elhamdadi and Masahico Saito, 13-63

3. Characteristic classes of $\ai$-algebras

Alastair Hamilton and Andrey Lazarev, 65-111

4. Formal Homotopy Quantum Field Theories, I: Formal Maps and Crossed $\mathcal{C}$-algebras.

Timothy Porter and Vladimir Turaev, 113-159

5. Generalized André-Quillen Cohomology

David Blanc, 161-191

6. The inner automorphism 3-group of a strict 2-group

David Michael Roberts and Urs Schreiber, 193-244

7. Infinity-Inner-Products on A-Infinity-Algebras

Thomas Tradler, 245-271

8. Cubical cospans and higher cobordisms (Cospans in Algebraic Topology, III)

Marco Grandis, 273-308

9. Simplicial resolutions and Ganea fibrations

Thomas Kahl, Hans Scheerer, Daniel Tanré and Lucile Vandembroucq, 309-330

10. Exact sequences of fibrations of crossed complexes, homotopy classification of maps, and nonabelian extensions ofgroups

Ronald Brown, 331-342

11. Homotopy Inner Products for Cyclic Operads

Riccardo Longoni and Thomas Tradler, 343-358

12. The functors Wbar and Diag o Nerve are simplicially homotopy equivalent

Sebastian Thomas, 359-378

13. A conjectured lower bound for the cohomological dimension of elliptic spaces

Mohamed Rachid Hilali and My Ismail Mamouni, 379-384

14. Higher Derived Brackets and Deformation Theory I

Fusun Akman and Lucian M. Ionescu , 385-403

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