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Volume 1 (2006), No. 1

1. On Algebraic Models for Homotopy 3-Types

Z. Arvasi and E. Ulualan, 1-27

2. Homotopy types of orbit spaces and their self-equivalences for the periodic groups Z/a \rtimes (Z/b x T^\star_n) and Z/a \rtimes (Z/b x O^\star_n)

Marek Golasinski and Daciberg Lima Goncalves, 29-45

3. Pseudo-Categories

N. Martins-Ferreira, 47-78

4. Relative directed homotopy theory of partially ordered spaces

Thomas Kahl, 79-100

5. Global Actions, Groupoid Atlases and Applications

A. Bak, R. Brown, G. Minian and T. Porter, 101-167

6. Separable morphisms of simplicial sets

Dimitri Chikhladze, 169-173

7. Groupoids, the Phragmen-Brouwer Property, and the Jordan Curve Theorem

Ronald Brown, 175-183

8. Relative homological categories

Tamar Janelidze, 185-194

9. Algebraic K-theory of Fredholm modules and KK-theory

Tamaz Kandelaki, 195-218

10. Closedness properties of internal relations IV: Expressing additivity of a category via subtractivity

Zurab Janelidze, 219-227

11. On Exactness of Long Sequences of Homology Semimodules

Alex Patchkoria, 229-243

12. A Geometric Decomposition of Spaces into Cells of Different Types

Gabriel Minian and Miguel Ottina, 245-271

13. Homotopy Transition Cocycles

James Wirth and Jim Stasheff, 273-283

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