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Vol. 4, No. 1, 2000 · Contents

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Georg Glaeser, Hans-Peter Schröcker:
Reflections on Refractions

Hesham Abdelmoez Mohamed, Yosef Aly Abas Abdelhafez:
On the Bisectors of Weakly Separable Sets

Helmut Pottmann, Rimvydas Krasauskas, Bernd Hamann, Kenneth Joy, Wolfgang Seibold:
Piecewise Linear Approximation of Quadratic Functions

Svatopluk Zacharias, Daniela Velichova:
Projection from 4D to 3D

Carl Bovill:
Fractal Geometry as Design Aid

A. M. Farag, Gunter Weiss:
Reconstruction of the Satellite Orbit via Orientation Angles

Aaron C. Clark, Brian Matthews:
Scientific and Technical Visualization: A New Course Offering that Integrates Mathematics, Science and Technology

Takahiro Yonemura, Sadahiko Nagae:
Design Procedure on a Newly Developed Paper Craft

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