Journal for Geometry and Graphics, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 151 - 159 (1998)

New Applications of Geometry

Hellmuth Stachel

Institute of Geometry, Vienna University of Technology
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10/113, A-1040 Wien, Austria

Abstract: Two problems from different areas are presented in order to demonstrate the applicability of geometry. In both cases the solutions are based on results that are beyond the topics we usually teach engineering students. (i) For a compliance element to be used in robotics, a mechanism has been developed which produces a "centerless rotation". The presented solution consists of an infinitesimally movable structure. (ii) The geometry behind panoramic radiographies is analysed. The aim is to make measurements on this important diagnostic tool in dentistry and to use panoramic X-rays in medical imaging for a image fusion with a live video image.

Keywords: Applied geometry, compliance element, panoramic X-ray.

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