Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Vol. 1, No. 2, 1997 · Contents

Günter Aumann:
Subdivision of Linear Corner Cutting Curves

Hans Dirnböck, Hellmuth Stachel:
The Development of the Oloid

Oswald Giering:
Affine and Projective Generalization of Wallace Lines

Sonja Gorjanc:
The Pedal Surfaces of (1,2)-Congruences with a One-Parameter Set of Ellipses

Miklos Hoffmann:
On the Theorems of Central Axonometry

Gunter Weiss:
(n,2)-Axonometries and the Contour of Hyperspheres

Benigna Chilla:
Virtual Movement Through Planar Geometry: Fundamental Concepts in Visual Art

Larry D. Goss:
Presentation of Visualization Problems Using an Expanded Coded Plan Technique

Kumiko Shiina, Takaaki Saito, Kenjiro Suzuki:
Analysis of Problem Solving Process of a Mental Rotations Test - Performance in Shepard-Metzler Tasks

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