Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Vol. 1, No. 1, 1997 · Contents

Marian Palej:
A Simple Proof for the Theorems of Pascal and Pappus

J. Eddie Baker:
The Single Screw Reciprocal to the General Plane-Symmetric Six-Screw Linkage

Ahmed Elsonbaty, Hellmuth Stachel:
Generating Solids by Sweeping Polyhedra

M. Flasinski, R. Schaefer, W. Toporkiewicz:
Supporting CAE Parallel Computations with IE-Graph Solid Representation

K. Mende:
The Representation of Pictorial Space in "Ukie"

O. Tebeleva, G. Elber, Y. Charit, M. Roffman:
Geometric Problems in Computerized Preoperational Planning of a Robot Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Lidia Zakowska:
Dynamic Road View Research for Road Safety and Aesthetics Evaluation

Witold Gilewicz, Lidia Gilewicz:
Perspective Drawing in the Architectural Design Process

Roland D. Jenison:
New Directions for Introductory Graphics in Engineering Education

Albert Schmid-Kirsch:
Teaching Descriptive Geometry at the Faculty of Architecture

Emiko Tsutsumi:
Descriptive Geometry Education at the Department of Clothing and Textiles, Otsuma Women's University

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