Journal for Geometry and Graphics, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 5 - 12 (1997)

The Single Screw Reciprocal to the General Plane-Symmetric Six-Screw Linkage

J. Eddie Baker

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,
The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Abstract: The degree of mobility of a given linkage depends upon the order of its screw system, whereby a loop with six joint freedoms may be related to its reciprocal screw system, a single screw axis with an associated pitch. It has been postulated that this reciprocal screw can provide an alternative means of identifying its parent linkage, and an investigation in thi respect has been recently carried out for the line-symmetric six-screw linkage. Here we undertake a similar enquiry for the plane-symmetric six-screw loop and so determine the essential characteristics of its reciprocal screw.

Keywords: Kinematics, overconstrained linkages

Classification (MSC2000): 53A17

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