Journal of Convex Analysis

Vol. 6, No. 2, 1999 · Contents

Riccardo Molle and Donato Passaseo:
Variational Problems with Pointwise Constraints on the Derivatives

Teemu Pennanen:
Graph-Convex Mappings and $K$-Convex Functions

Mustapha El Jarroudi:
Boundary Homogenization for a Quasi-Linear Elliptic Problem with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions Posed on Small Inclusions Distributed on the Boundary

Raja Dziri and Jean-Paul Zolésio:
Dynamical Shape Control in Non-cylindrical Navier-Stokes Equations

Lev M. Bregman and Yair Censor and Simeon Reich:
Dykstra's Algorithm as the Nonlinear Extension of Bregman's Optimization Method

Kyung-Eung Kim:
Relationship Between Dynamic Programming and the Maximum Principle under State Constraints

Giovanni Bellettini and Guy Bouchitté and Ilaria Fragala:
BV Functions with Respect to a Measure and Relaxation of Metric Integral Functionals

Diethard Pallaschke and Ryszard Urbanski:
Invariants of Pairs of Compact Convex Sets

Jacqueline Morgan and Roberto Raucci:
New Convergence Results for Nash Equilibria

F. H\"{u}sseinov:
A Note on the Closedness of the Convex Hull and Its Applications

J. Bair and J. C. Dupin:
The Barrier Cone of a Convex Set and the Closure of the Cover

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