Journal of Convex Analysis

Vol. 6, No. 1, 1999 · Contents

J. E. Martinez-Legaz and P. H. Sach:
A New Subdifferential in Quasiconvex Analysis

Anca-Maria Toader:
Memory Effects and $\boldsymbol{\Gamma}$-Convergence: A Time Dependent Case

P. Brandi and R. Ceppitelli and L$'$. Hola:
Topological Properties of a New Graph Topology

Giovanna Bonfanti and Fabio Luterotti:
Asymptotic Analysis to a Phase-Field Model with a Nonsmooth Memory Kernel

M. V. Solodov and B. F. Svaiter:
A Hybrid Projection-Proximal Point Algorithm

Mohammed Hayouni:
Lipschitz Continuity of the State Function in a Shape Optimization Problem

Yunan Cui and Henryk Hudzik and Marian Nowak and Ryszard Pluciennik:
Some Geometric Properties in Orlicz Sequence Spaces equipped with Orlicz Norm

D. T. Luc and J. E. Martinez-Legaz and A. Seeger:
Least Deviation Decomposition with Respect to a Pair of Convex Sets

Luciano Carbone and Riccardo De Arcangelis:
On a Non-Standard Convex Regularization and the Relaxation of Unbounded Integral Functionals of the Calculus of Variations

Christian Hess:
The Distribution of Unbounded Random Sets and the Multivalued Strong Law of Large Numbers in Nonreflexive Banach Spaces

H. Benabdellah:
Denting Points in Bochner Banach Ideal Spaces X(E)

L. Boccardo and G. R. Cirmi:
Existence and Uniqueness of Solution of Unilateral Problems with $L^{1}$ Data

Martin Kruzik:
On the composition of quasiconvex functions and the transposition

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