Journal of Convex Analysis

Vol. 4, No. 2, 1997 · Contents

F. H. Clarke and Yu. S. Ledyaev and R. J. Stern:
Complements, Approximations, Smoothings and Invariance Properties

R. A. Poliquin and R. T. Rockafellar:
Proto-Derivatives of Partial Subgradient Mappings

Ya. I. Alber and A. N. Iusem and M. V. Solodov:
Minimization of Nonsmooth Convex Functionals in Banach Spaces

Thierry Astruc:
Existence of Regular Solutions for a One-Dimensional Simplified Perfect-Plastic Problem with a Unilateral Gradient Constraint

J. M. Gutiérrez:
A Generalization of the Quasiconvex Optimization Problem

Alberto Fiorenza:
BMO Regularity for One-Dimensional Minimizers of some Lagrange Problems

M. Bousselsal and B. Brighi:
Rank-one-convex and Quasiconvex Envelopes for Functions Depending on Quadratic Forms

Mohamed Guessous:
An Elementary Proof of Komlos-Révész Theorem in Hilbert Spaces

Diethard Pallaschke and Ryszard Urbanski:
Decompositions of Compact Convex Sets

Giuseppe Buttazzo and Paolo Guasoni:
Shape Optimization Problems over Classes of Convex Domains

Bernd Kawohl and Jan Lang:
Are Some Optimal Shape Problems Convex?

Matthias Asche:
On the Structure of Nash Equilibrium Sets in Partially Convex Games

M. L. Radulescu and F. H. Clarke:
Geometric Approximation of Proximal Normals

M. Laghdir and Manuel D. P. Monteiro Marques:
Measure-Differential Inclusions in Percussional Dynamics

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