Journal of Convex Analysis

ISSN 0944-6532 · Volume 2 (1995), No. 1+2 · Electronic Edition

Zvi Artstein, Roger J-B Wets
Consistency of Minimizers and the SLLN for Stochastic Programs

p. 1-17 : DVI (29 K), Postscript (65 K)

Jean-Pierre Aubin, Hélène Frankowska
Partial Differential Inclusions Governing Feedback Controls

p. 19-40 : DVI (38 K), Postscript (80 K)

Alexander D. Ioffe, J. Frédéric Bonna
Quadratic Growth and Stability in Convex Programming Problem with Multiple Solutions

p. 41-57 : DVI (27 K), Postscript (65 K)

Jonathan Borwein, Simon Fitzpatrick
Weak* Sequential Compactness and Bornological Limit Derivative

p. 59-67 : DVI (17 K), Postscript (50 K)

Andrea Braides, Valeria Chiadò Piat
A Derivation Formula for Convex Integral Functionals

p. 69-85 : DVI (26 K), Postscript (67 K)

Giuseppe Buttazzo, Victor J. Mizel
On a Gap Phenomenon for Isoperimetrically Constrained Variational Problems

p. 87-101 : DVI (23 K), Postscript (60 K)

Arrigo Cellina, Stefania Perrott
On a Problem of Potential Wells

p. 103-115 : DVI (19 K), Postscript (60 K)

F. H. Clarke, R. J. Stern, P. R. Wolenski
Proximal Smoothness and the Lower--$C^2$ Property

p. 117-144 : DVI (43 K), Postscript (87 K)

R. Cominetti
Asymptotic Convergence of the Steepest Descent Method for the Exponential
Penalty in Linear Programming

p. 145-152 : DVI (13 K), Postscript (41 K)

Christian Hess
On the Measurability of the Conjugate and the Subdifferential of a Normal Integrand

p. 153-165 : DVI (22 K), Postscript (54 K)

Vladimir L. Levin
Quasi-convex Functions and Quasi-monotone Operators

p. 167-172 : DVI (9 K), Postscript (32 K)

A.S. Lewis
The Convex Analysis of Unitarily Invariant Matrix Functions

p. 173-183 : DVI (20 K), Postscript (50 K)

Juan-Enrique Mart&\acute;i nez-Legaz, Ivan Singer
Dualities Associated To Binary Operations On $\overline R$

p. 185-209 : DVI (37 K), Postscript (81 K)

Boris S. Mordukhovich, Yongheng Shao
On Nonconvex Subdifferential Calculus in Banach Spaces

p. 211-227 : DVI (29 K), Postscript (66 K)

Peter E. Ney, Stephen M. Robinson
Polyhedral Approximation of Convex Sets With an Application to Large Deviation Probability Theory

p. 229-240 : DVI (22 K), Postscript (55 K)

Pirro Oppezzi, Anna Maria Rossi
Existence of Solutions for Unilateral Problems With Multivalued Operators

p. 241-261 : DVI (39 K), Postscript (94 K)

Pham Dinh Tao, Le Thi Hoai An
Lagrangian Stability and Global Optimality in Nonconvex Quadratic Minimization Over Euclidean Balls and Spheres

p. 263-276 : DVI (23 K), Postscript (66 K)

Pietro Poggi-Corradini
Norms that Generate the Same Wijsman Topology on Convex Sets

p. 277-285 : DVI (22 K), Postscript (58 K)

Biagio Ricceri
Existence of Zeros via Disconnectedness

p. 287-290 : DVI (7 K), Postscript (27 K)

Alexander Rubinov
Antihomogeneous Conjugacy Operators in Convex Analysis

p. 291-307 : DVI (30 K), Postscript (67 K)

A. Rubinov, B. Glover, V. Jeyakumar
A General Approach to Dual Characterizations of Solvability of Inequality Systems with Applications

p. 309-344 : DVI (59 K), Postscript (106 K)

Mohammed Saadoune, Michel Valadier
Extraction of a ``Good'' Subsequence From a Bounded Sequence of Integrable Functions

p. 345-357 : DVI (24 K), Postscript (63 K)

S. Simons
Simultaneous Almost Minimization of Convex Functions and Duals of Results Related to Maximal Monotonicity

p. 359-373 : DVI (27 K), Postscript (67 K)

Tullio Zolezzi
Wellposed Problems of the Calculus of Variations for Nonconvex Integrals

p. 375-383 : DVI (13 K), Postscript (42 K)