Journal of Convex Analysis

ISSN 0944-6532 · Volume 1 (1994), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

H. Attouch, J.-B. Baillon, M. Théra
Variational Sum of Monotone Operators

p. 1-29 : DVI (47 K), Postscript (93 K)

Giovanni Alberti, Pietro Majer
Gap Phenomenon for Some Autonomous Functionals

p. 31-45 : DVI (27 K), Postscript (63 K)

Li Yongxin, Shi Shuzhong
Differentiability of Convex Functions on a Banach Space with Smooth Bump Function

p. 47-60 : DVI (24 K), Postscript (64 K)

Jon Borwein, Simon Fitzpatrick, Jon Vanderwerff
Examples of Convex Functions and Classifications of Normed Spaces

p. 61-73 : DVI (24 K), Postscript (59 K)

B. Lemaire
Bounded Diagonally Stationary Sequences in Convex Optimization

p. 75-86 : DVI (21 K), Postscript (57 K)

Andrei Verona, Maria Elena Verona
Epiconvergence and $\varepsilon$-Subgradients of Convex Functions

p. 87-100 : DVI (26 K), Postscript (65 K)

Jean Saint-Pierre, Michel Valadier
An Attempt of Characterization of Functions With Sharp Weakly Complete Epigraphs

p. 101-105 : DVI (11 K), Postscript (36 K)

Alberto Barbati, Gerald Beer, Christian Hess
The Hausdorff Metric Topology, the Attouch-Wets Topology, and the Measurability of Set-Valued Functions

p. 107-119 : DVI (25 K), Postscript (61 K)