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  Editors-in-chief: C. A. Athanasiadis, T. Lam, A. Munemasa, H. Van Maldeghem
ISSN 0925-9899 (print) • ISSN 1572-9192 (electronic)

Determination of msd(Ln)

M. van de Vel

DOI: 10.1023/A:1018642412884


The median stabilization degree (msd, for short) of a median algebra measures the largest possible number of steps needed to generate a subalgebra with an arbitrary set of generators. With computer assistance, we found that msd of the lattice {- 1, 0, 1 }4 equals 2. This value is of critical importance to determine msd of {- 1, 0, 1}n for all n ge 5 and to determine msd of the free median algebra lambda(r) for almost all r ge 5.

Pages: 161–171

Keywords: distributive lattice; free median algebra; graphic cube; median operator; median stabilization degree

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