Vol. 8,nr. 3-4,  Contents

Sibel Yalcin and Metin Ozturk --
Typically real harmonic functions

Gheorghe Oros --
A condition of convexity

Mugur Acu --
Some preserving properties of certain integral operators

Dumitru Barac --
A simple version of Theil - Van de Panne algorithm

Emil C. Popa--
On Schur`s expansion of sin πx

Gheorghe  Oros --
A special class of univalent starlike functions

Cristian Vladimirescu and Simona Vladimirescu --
On separability and metrisability of weak topologies

Emil C. Popa--
Note on some basic polynomials

Mugur Acu and Ana Acu --
On the exponential diophantine equation of the form ax - by cz = +1


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