Vol. 8,nr. 1-2,  Contents

Nicolae N. Pascu and Radu N. Pascu --

Convex function in a half-plane I 

Aurora Crăciunaş --
Some considerations concerning the rotary motion of a rigid body around the mass center

Gheorghe Oros --
On the integral operator ans a subclass of starlike functions

Nicolae-Adrian Secelean --
Some convergence properties in the Hausdorff-Pompeiu metric

Graţiela Cicortaş --
Note on some properties of Lusternick-Schnirelmann category. 

Radu N. Pascu --
On a class of convey functions in a half-plane

G. Oros --
On an integral operator and a starlike functions of order 1/2

Emil C. Popa--
Note on a Delta operator

A. Bucur --
The existence of the solution for some integral equations


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