Vol. 6, 1998 Contents

O. Agratini --
On a problem of A. Lupas (full text)

A. Branga --
On Hermite Interpolation Formula (full text)

S. Gal --
On equivalence question between the Ditzian-Totik modulus of smoothness and an usual periodic modulus of smoothness (full text)

I. Gavrea, Daniela Kacso --
An extremal problem for Bernstein Polynomials (full text)

H. Gonska, --
The second order modulus again: some still (?) open problems (full text)

M. Ivan --
A proof of Leibnitz's formula for divided differences (full text)

M. Ivan --
On the Operator of Bleimann, Butzer and Hahn (full text)

M. Ivan --
A sequence considered by I.J. Schoenberg ? (full text)

A. Lupas --
The epsillon - variants of a prescribed sequence of orthogonal polynomials (full text)

A. Lupas --
Bernstein polynomial is a best approximation polynomial ? (full text)

A. Lupas --
A conjecture related to the approximation operators of binomial type (full text)

L. Lupas --
Some problems regarding Bernstein Polynomials (full text)

V. Mihesan --
On the Gamma and Beta approximation operators (full text)

D. Popa --
p-Convex set-valued maps with values in R (full text)

R. Paltanea --
On the degree of approximation by Bernstein operators (full text)

E.C. Popa --
On a subgroup of binomial polynomials (full text)

I. Rasa --
Criteria for the P_n-simplicity of a functional (full text)

D.D. Stancu --
The evaluation of the remainders in approximation formulas by linear positive operators of interpolatory type (full text)

D.D. Stancu --
Construction of some approximation operators by means of m-fold interpolation (full text)

D.D. Stancu --
A modification of the Schoenberg spline operators for obtaining the operator S_m^alpha (full text)

A. Vernescu --
A convexity problem for a special function (full text)

N. Vornicescu --
On Hermite-Lagrange series (full text)

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