Vol. 5, 1995 Contents

S. Berceanu --
Coherent states and geometry

C. R. Boldea --
A generalization for peakon$'$s solitary wave and Camassa-Holm equation}

V. Brinzanescu --
Holomorphic structures in vector bundles over complex surfaces

K. Buchner --
Differential spaces and singularities of space-time

P. Bueken, J. Gillard and L. Vanhecke --
Mean and scalar curvature homogeneous Riemannian manifolds

D. Burghelea --
Lectures on Witten-Helffer-Sj\"ostrand theory

J. B\v elohl\'avkov\'a, J. Mike\v s, O. Pokorn\'a --
4-planar mappings of almost quaternionic and almost antiquaternionic spaces

G. De Cecco, G. Palmieri --
$p$-Energy of a curve on $LIP$ -- manifolds and on general metric spaces

V. Cort\'es --
What is the role of twistors in supergeometry?

M. Craioveanu, S. Marchiafava, M. Puta --
The rigid body with two controls and the Brockett perturbation

C. Cre\c tu --
On the generalized Lagrange spaces associated to remarkable Lagrangians

P. Delano\" e --
An $L^\infty$ {\sl a priori} estimate for the Calabi-Yau operator on compact almost--K\" ahler manifolds

E. Delay --
Conformal scalar curvature on the hyperbolic space

M. Dupac --
Another proof of the Krishnaprasad-Berenstein theorem

G. Gentili, S. Migliorini --
A boundary rigidity problem for holomorphic mappings

X. Gual, A. M. Naveira, Ana Dorotea Tarr\'{\i}o Tobar --
An introduction to integral geometry in the $n$-dimensional quaternionic space

T. Hausel, E. Makai, Jr., A. Sz\H ucs --
Polyhedra inscribed and circumscribed to convex bodies

I.E. Hiric\u{a} --
Notes on semi-symmetric connections on spaces endowed with Weyl ${f}$-structures

J. Jany\v{s}ka, M. Modugno --
On quantum vector fields in general relativistic quantum mechanics

F. W. Kn\"{o}ller --
Complex arrangements and derivations

Lenka Lakom\'a, J. Mike\v{s} --
On the special trace decomposition problem on quaternionic structure

C. L\u azureanu --
Some remarks about the complete integrability in the sense of Arnold--Liouville

E. Macias-Virg\'os --
The diffeomorphism group of a Riemannian foliation}

S. Marchiafava --
The twistor equation, moment forms and compatible complex structures on a quaternion-K\"ahler manifold

G. Mitric --
Connections and regularity on the tangent and cotangent bundle}

A. Moroianu --
Special spinors and contact geometry

M. I. Munteanu --
$CR-$structures on the translated sphere bundle}

V. Ob\u adeanu --
Champs associ\'es aux syst\`emes dynamiques autonomes

C. Oniciuc --
The nonlinear connections and harmonicity

V. Oproiu --
Some K\"{a}hler structures on the tangent bundle of a space form}

D.I. Papuc --
The geometry of a vector bundle endowed with a cone field; two particular cases}

C. Pop --
An optimal control problem on the Heisenberg Lie group H(3)}

M. Popescu and P. Popescu --
On algebra bundles and pseudo--morphisms

M. Purcaru --
On transformation groups of $N$ - linear connections in the bundle of accelerations

H. Reckziegel, M. Schaaf --
Decomposition theorems in differential geometry

S.M. Revenko, V. Soltan --
Common supporting lines for families of convex bodies in the plane}

A. Savo --
Estimates of the heat content of a class of domains

K. Tren\v{c}evski --
Principal directions for submanifolds imbedded in Euclidean spaces of arbitrary codimension

C. Vizman --
Some remarks about the quantomorphism group

B. Wegner --
Parallel immersions into spaces of constant curvature and conformal transformations

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