Vol. 18, no. 4, 2010   Contents

A. Ozkoc, A. Tekcan -- The family of indefinite binary quadratic forms and elliptic curves over finite fields

H. Akin -- On strong mixing property of cellular automata with respect to Markov Measures

N. A. Mir, N. Rafiq, N. Yasmin -- Quadrature based three-step iterative method for non-linear equations

F. Zafar, N. A. Mir -- A generalized family of quadrature based iterative methods

H. Mahzoon, S. Latha -- On certain classes of p-valent functions defined by Salagean operator

G. T. Sreenivasa, Venkatesha, C. S. Bagewadi -- On Lorentzian Beta-Kenmotsu manifolds

H. Dutta -- On some 2-Banach spaces

F. Belarbi, A. A. Bouchentouf -- Condition de stabilite d'un reseau de files d'attente a deux stations et N classes de clients

T. D. Narang, S. Chandok -- Common fixed points and invariant approximations of pointwise R-subweakly commuting maps on nonconvex sets

U. Basel, A. Duma -- Buffon's problem with a cluster of needles and a lattice of rectangles

E. Grycko, W. Kirsch -- On an approximation of the partition function for the hard disk fluid

G. Murugusundaramoorthy, K. Uma, M. Acu -- Harmonic functions prestarlike in the unit disc

H. Bouhadjera, A. Djoudi -- Common fixed point theorems for subcompatible D-maps of integral type

S. Pulickakunnel, N. Singh -- Approximation of common fixed points for a finite family of Zamfirescu operators

G. Shabbir, M. Ramzan -- Proper curvature collineations in non-static plane symmetric space-times

N. Subramanian, U. K. Misra -- On double gai difference sequence space defined by a sequence of Orlicz functions

M. A. Petric -- Some results concerning cyclical contractive mappings

A. Dragomir -- Book Review

A. Girjoaba -- Book Review

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