Vol. 16, no. 2, 2008  · Contents

Nurullah Ankaralioglu and Huseyin Aydin -- Some Dunwoody parameters and cyclic presentations

H. Bouhadjera, A. Djoudi -- General common fixed point theorems for weakly compatible maps

R. Devi, S. Sampathkumar and M. Caldas -- On supra alpha open sets and S alpha-continuous functions

B.A. Frasin -- Quasi-Hadamard product of certain classes of uniformly analytic functions

Luminita Grecu, Titus Petrila -- A complex variable boundary element method for the problem of the free-surface heavy inviscid flow over an obstacle

Y. Polatoglu, M. Caglar, E. Yavuz, S. Owa -- Multivalued starlike functions of complex order

Arif Rafiq -- Common fixed points of quasi-contractive operators

Sukhwinder Singh, Sushma Gupta and Sukhjit Singh -- On a subclass of analytic functions

Szasz Robert -- Starlike image of a class of analytic functions

Shichun Yang -- A note of the Conjectured of Sierpinski on triangular numbers

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