Vol. 16, no. 1, 2008  · Contents

M.A. Acevedo M, J. L´opez-Bonilla, M. S´anchez-Meraz -- Fractional Derivate of Riemann-Liouville via Laguerre Polynomials

C.S. Bagewadi, D.G. Prakasha and Venkatesha -- Torseforming Vector fields in a 3-dimensional Contact Metric Manifold

Amelia Bucur -- General Mathematics Fifteen years of publication

H. Crawford Rhaly, Jr. -- A Note on Heredity for Terraced Matrices

Nicusor Minculete and Petrica Dicu -- Concerning the Euler totient

S. Elumalai and R. Vijayaragavan -- Best simultaneous approximation in linear 2-normed spaces

Eugen Grycko -- Self-Diffusion as an indicator of the solid-fluid phase transition

C. O. Imoru, M. O. Olatinwo, G. Akinbo, A. O. Bosede -- On A Version of The Banach’s Fixed Point Theorem

Yang Liu -- Ropelength Under Linking Operation and Enzyme Action

Nazir Ahmad Mir, Nusrat Yasmin, Naila Rafiq -- Quadrature based two-step iterative methods for non-linear equations

Cristinel Mortici -- The method of the variation of constants for Riccati equations

Virgil Pescar -- On some integral classes of integral operators

Ovidiu T. Pop and Mircea D. Farcas -- About a class of linear positive operators

Daniel Florin Sofonea -- Some new properties in q-Calculus

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