Vol. 15, no. 3  Contents

Yilmaz Simsek -- Eliptic analogue of the Hardy sum related to eliptic Bernoulli functions

Yasar Polatoglu, Arzu sen -- Some results on Subclasses of Janowski lamda-spirallike functions of complex order

Emil C. Popa -- Certain inequalities concerning some complex and positive functionals

Maslina Darus -- On a class of analytic functions related to Hadamard products

Yasar Polatoglu, Emel Yavuz -- Multivalued Sakaguchi functions

Sevtap Sumer Eker, Bilal Seker -- On a class of multivalent functions defined by Salajean operator

Tadayuchi Sekine, Shigeyoshi Owa, Rikuo Yamakawa -- Subordinations and integral means inequalities

Mugur Acu -- On some analytic functions with negative coefficients

H.V. Srivastava -- Generalized Hypergeometric Functions and Associated Families of k-Uniformly Convex and k-Starlike Functions

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