Vol. 15, no. 1  · Contents

E. Drăghici -- Proffesor Ph.D.Alexandru Lupaş at his 65th annversary

U. Abel, M. Ivan -- On a generalization of an approximation operator defined by A. Lupaş

S.G. Gal -- On some Limits and Serioes Arising From Semigrup Theory

I. Popa -- Duffin-Schaeffer type inequalities

N. Deo -- On the Iterative Combinations of Baskakov Operator

N.S. Barnett, S.S. Dragomir -- Bounds for the Cebzsev Functional of a Convex and a Bounded Function

W. Janous -- The Hlawka-Djokovic Inequality and Points in Unitary Spaces

A. Vernescu -- About the use of a result of Professor Alexandru Lupaş

A.M. Acu -- Monosplines and inequalities for the remainder term of quadrature formulas

E.C. Popa -- An inequality of Ostrovski tzpe via a mean value theorem

A. Branga -- Development in series of orthogonal polznomials with applications in optimization

V.C. Boer -- On a property of Convex Functions

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