Vol. 14, no. 4  Contents

Amelia Bucur --
In memoriam of Associated Professor Ph. D. Luciana Lupas

Amelia Bucur --
Farthest Properties Regarding the Trace of a Matrix

N. Deo --
Simultaneous Approximation by Two Dimensional Hybrid Positive Linear Operator

J. Sinha, V.K. Singh --
Rate of Convergence on the Mixed Summation Integral Type Operators

K.Al. Shaqsi, M. Darus --
A new Class of Multivalent Harmonic Functions

I. Tincu --
The Properties of Laguerre Polynomials

H.O. Guney, S.S. Eker --
On a Subclass of p-valent Functions whose Coefficients Related to Beta Function

N. A. Mir, A. Rafiq, F. Ahmad --
Generalization of Integral Inequalities for Functions whose Modulus of nth Derivatives are Convex

D.W. Niu, J. Cao, F. Qi --
A class of Logarithmically Completely Monotonic Functions Related to (1+1/x)x and an Application

M. Darus, S.B. Joshi, N.D. sangle --
Meromorphic Starlike Functions with Alternating and Missing Coefficients

C.P. Chen, X. Li, F. Qi --
Logarithmically Completelly Monotonic Function Invoking the Gamma functions

I. Pop --
An approach of the Naive Bayes Classifier for the Document Classification

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