Vol. 13, no. 3  Contents

G. Harutyunyan --
A set multime of tangential approximation by meromorphic functions

S. Pianskool, A. Wasanawichit, Y. Kemprasit --
Certain Divisible Hypergroups

M. Acu --
On a subclass of n-close to convex functions associated with some hyperbola

A. Vernescu --
The Identity of Three Classes of Polynomials

E. Draghici --
A general schlicht integral operator

I. Costin, Gh. Toader --
Generalized inverses of power means

H. E. Darwish, M. K. Aouf, G. S. Salagean --
A new criterion for meromorphically convex functions of order alpha

G.I. Oros --
Differential subordination defined by Salagean operator

Z. Zhongxiang --
Integral Representations and its Applications in Clifford Analysis

T. Sekine, S. Owa, R. Yamakawa --
Integral Means of Certain Analytic Functions

V. Gupta, N. Deo --
On the Rate of Convergence for Bivariate Beta Operators

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