Vol. 13, no. 1  Contents

D. Acu --
On the sixtieth birthday of Associate Professor Emil C. Popa

I. Barza --
On the Structure of Some Irrotational Vector Fields

M. Damian --
On manifolds with finitely generated homotopy groups

V. Gupta, A. Lupas --
Rate of approximation for Bezier variant of Bleimann-Butzer and Hahn operators

A. Bucur --
Boundness of Cesaro Means Operators

D. Acu --
On the diophantine equations of type a^{x}+ b^{y}= c^{z}

S. Barza --
Multidimensional Integral Inequalities with Homogeneous Weights

G.I. Oros --
First order nonlinear differential superordination

M. Acu --
On a subclass of n-starlike functions associated with some hyperbola

M. Olaru --
On some integral inequalities with modified argument and application

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