Vol. 12,nr. 2  Contents

B.A. Frasin, Gh. Oros --
Under a certain classes of analytic and univalent functions using Ruscheweyh derivative

Silviu Craciunas, Petru Craciunas --
Quasisymmetric and quasimobius maps on locally convex spaces

M. Barbosu, T. Oproiu --
Stability of Equilibrium in the Photogravitational Two-Body Problem

Eugen Draghici --
A general schlicht integral operator

Mugur Acu --
A preserving property of a generalized Libera integral operator

E. Constantinescu --
Inequalities for logarithmic and exponential functions

I. Popa --
Weighted Markov inequalities for curved majorants

Mioara Boncut --
Finite element approximation of the Navier-Stokes Equation

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