Vol. 12,nr. 1  Contents

Dumitru Acu --
In memoriam Gheorghe Micula

Antonio Mannino --
Some inequalities concerning starlike and convex functions

M.R. Molaei, A. Tahmoresi --
Connected topological generalized groups

Dorin Andrica, Gheorghe M. Tudor --
Parametric solutions for some Diophantine equations

Dumitru Acu --
Optimal combined quadrature formulas in Schmeisser's sense

Amelia Anca Holhos, Viorel Cosmin Holhos --
A remark on the Hadamard products of n-starlike functions

Ana Maria Acu --
New results in extremal problems with polynomials

Petrica Dicu --
An intermediate point property in some classical generalized formulas of quadrature

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