Vol. 10,nr. 3-4,  Contents

Mamoru Nunokawa, Shigeyoshi Owa, Hitoshi Saitoh, Norihiro Takahashi --
New coefficient inequalities for starlike and convex functions

Georgia Irina Oros --
On a particular second-order nonlinear differential subordination I subordination I

Titu Andreescu --
A note on the equation (x+y+z)^2=xyz

Romeo Vomisescu --
Fourier transform of the probability measures

Georgia Irina Oros --
On a differential inequlity II

Mugur Acu --
Some preserving properties of the generalized Alexander operator

Monica Hossu --
On the eficiency of some optimal quadrature formulas attached to some given quadrature formulas

Florin Sofonea --
Some results for modified Bernstein polynomial

Dumitru Acu --
New inequlities obtained by means of quadrature formulae


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